WHALE GPS fire detection and intrusion

WHALE GPS fire system alert and intrusion human 


WHALE GPS, the solution to detect fire and human intrusion.

Every year, hundreds of accidents occur during the transport of dangerous and sensitive materials by road.

WHALE GPS allows the prevention and the securing of your semi-trailers, containers, parcels, warehouse, personnel in the logistics field.

Features:   :

Dimension : 84X58X34 mm

Weight : 180g

Battery : 3.6V/5200mAh, Ultra Low Power Consumption, Voltage Monitoring with Inbuilt Battery

Operating Temperature : - 20℃ to 60℃

G-Sensor for Motion Alert

Built-in GPS/GSM Antennas for Easy Installation, GSM quadriband

Built-in sensors : Temperature, humidity, light 

Development Support Option:

Customization is available on request

Service commercial :

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