Foxy smoke detector fire smoke connected wireless 4G GSM

Real time fire alert


FOXY is a smoke detector communicating via LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network).

The fire alarm is signaled by an audible and flashing visual indicator and by sending an alarm in real time to the server platform, mobile application.

The device has a built-in temperature sensor, programmable to notify when the set temperature level is exceeded.

It is designed to be placed high (ceiling) in a confined space, under normal conditions (no smoke, dust, condensed water vapor). 

Events and alerts integrated directly on the mobile application or the Myfleet web platform.

General Specifications : 

Dimension 140X40 mm  Networking CAT-M/NB-IoT

Alarm sound 85dB at 3m Smoke sensor optical

Operating Temperature - 20℃ to 70℃ Temperature and humidity sensors built-in

Battery life up 5 years Stop buzzer alarm from server to device 

Working Humidity Up to 95% NC Installation : Ceiling

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