Smart wireless GPS padlock


The EAGLE GPS lock is a 4G intelligent remote GPS lock, it has a built-in 12,000 mAh battery, a G-Sensor and monitors the location of the container or asset or the status of the door.

Using wireless technology, the user can open the GPS lock remotely.

Features :

Dimension 165mm x 115mm x 45mm 

1 Report Per Day > 5.0 Years

Weight 650g

Rechargeable battery 12000mAh GSM Quad-Band GPRS 3G/4G

Operating Temperature - 20℃ to 60℃

Unlock by password SMS and Wireless

Protection grade IP67 GSM

Jamming detecting

Working Humidity Up to 95% NC

Applications :

Cargo, Logistics, Equipment Rental, Customs Supervision, Other asset monitoring & management, container, box , flight case,....

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