Connected aluminum case for transport and storage of Lithium battery.
Opening detection, fire alert


Container for hazardous materials certified for lithium-ion batteries UN 3480, UN 3481.

Suitable for the transport of prototypes, batteries, defective batteries, and recycling as well as for the storage of batteries. Manufacturing container: Germany.

Ideal for transporting and securing against theft of electroportable equipment (e.g. portable drill and high capacity power tool batteries).

Container connected by EAGLE GPS, with opening alert, very long autonomy, real time fire and CO2 detection (with internal siren), international coverage, mobile application and WEB tracking. 

The container has a fireproof, explosion-proof inner bag made of fiberglass. 

Optional: fire extinguishing granulate cushion class D and lithium-ion available. The glass extinguishing granulate melts on the surface and smothers the fire.

Solution for the storage and transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, waterway, sea and air. IP 54/65 rated packaging according to DIN 40050 and ATA 300 approved for air transport. Eagle GPS is available in multiple networks and optional probes: contact us. 

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